Pair of Masse hammer 2.0 GP

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Pair of masses for GP HAMMER 2.0 two-mass clutches

New HAMMER 2.0 GP clutches born from the experience of our technicians directly from the most important race fields and immediately became an irreplaceable tool!!!
Precisely this experience of ours in the world of minibike racing and beyond... always leads us towards continuous evolution and improvement of the performance and efficiency of our special parts... in this case in one of our workhorses... the CLUTCH!!
-gluing system patented by CS RACING on the surface and with two screws to guarantee maximum safety and reliability of the friction material; the material increased by 5%; 4g lighter and new brass bushing to optimize smoothness on the plate pin; guaranteeing greater efficiency and performance!! it is combined with the new 81 diameter CS RACING bell; will have 3 compounds available with three different degrees of friction to meet the needs of all drivers... from the smallest and lightest to the heaviest... because everyone knows that the choice of compounds is fundamental for personalizing the traction and handling of the own minibike!


- HAMMER GT low friction coefficient; allows greater slip without altering performance
- HAMMER GP ...average friction coefficient
- HAMMER EPIC...high friction coefficient
A good choice guarantees that you will always have excellent performance... from start-ups to corner exits always at the top!!
The screeds are perfectly compatible with the classic CS plate; they do not require a specific plate!! compatible with all engines on the market